List of ideas for Medium publications, and other publishable content:

  1. “Wine, the delicious cryptocurrency metaphor”

Ficha de cosecha en Mendoza

Supply / demand, fluctuation

Interesting article to write with economist?

2. Biodigital certification

Too much noise!

How does certification work

How do you know my data is real?

The need for a decentralized certification standard

3. Extreme transparency

Why this is valuable

Dominio de Pingus example

4. Converting consumers into partners

5. Vine -> Wine -> Dine -> Mind, Extreme Traceability

6. Vinophonics: Turning your vineyard into sound

7. Winefullness

8. Gameifying your sidechain turk-machine

9. "Vineyard robotics"

10. "What crypto marketing agencies are lacking".

No KPI’s

Lack of skin in the game

No projections on returns

Bots, buybacks 

12. "Why vinotecas are special"

13. "Five conditions to go to Mars"

14. "Lunch with Steven Spurrier"

15. "Meeting Rudy the wine forger"

16. "How do we measure quality?"

17. "Building the ultimate honey-pot."