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A real-time DASHBOARD of data collection: temperature, solar radiation, irrigation, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation, and video feed.

Collecting all this information should be useful for several reason:

More data to analyze for the agronomist.?Data to share with investigators, useful for experimenting. (Explain the problem with experimentation in a vineyard)?Others could opine on my viticulture practices. For example, sharing this data with other agronomists, and providers, such as Luján Agrícola to recommend different products to use. This is also a branding opportunity for partners.?

This is the ULTIMATE tracking mechanism for Organic viticulture (and certification). We will insure that data collected for organic certification with OIA are linked to the data.?The quality of the wine is ultimately determined by the quality of the grapes. By documenting our growing season in detail, we provide quality metrics with which interested consumers can evaluate our harvest.

The Dashboard should present current weather information:

  • Temperature?
  • Subsoil humidity?
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Solar Irradiance
  • Barometric pressure
  • Relative humidity

This data should be extracted from the Chemicals DB, showing the total amounts applied per hectare and total for:

  • Co (Copper)?
  • S (Sulfur) Diatomaceous Earth Guano?
  • Other chemical products

The dashboard should present, for each of the three varietals present in the vineyard (Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon) indicators for:

  • sugar
  • total acidity
  • and pH (Bx, TA, pH)

These values should be extracted from a database with the following fields:

  • Varietal (choice from three)
  • pH, Bx, TA
  • Sample date Kilos

The dashboard should also indicate the stage within the growing cycle for each varietal:

  • bud burst
  • flowering
  • setting
  • thinning and culling
  • veraison
  • harvest
  • pruning

The dashboard should include annual totals for the following: Show total number of hours of work executed for the year. Create a customized bottle shaped bar chart detailing the distribution of tasks in the vineyard.

The dashboard should include access to a Costaflores vineyard cam.

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