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  • December to January: Content Building Phase
  1. Create a content library for social media postings. Collect photographs and videos of the vineyard, wine and other relevant material from anyone associated with Costaflores. Ask followers on social media to send images to a specified email account. Doing so now, over the holidays is a great time because people are generally taking photos and have time away from work. Organize the photos according to month/holiday/event.
  2. Create accounts for platforms that are currently not utilized by Costaflores, such as Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and other apps/platforms as they are created.
  3. Follow relevant blogs/pages/sites. Looking for content that can be shared on the Costaflores pages that will be of interest to our followers such as TechCrunch, which often posts articles on cryptocurrency. Wine and Food blogs should also be followed as appropriate.
  4. look at current followers and note what countries they are from and basic interests that are notable. 
  5. Create a spreadsheet of holidays around the world according to what month/day they fall on. This data will be used to generate posts that are of interest to our existing followers.
  6. Collect and Organize performance data such as Facebook insights for historical purposes. So you can identify what posts were the most successful in the past and work to surpass that.
  7. Create a bank of hashtags that can be used to on the appropriate platform to generate interest, pulling in the day/time of year, holidays, etc. mixing in fresh hashtags in with ones that are currently used to keep things fresh. Example: #MalbecMondays #torrentesTuesday #WineWednesday #ThirstyThursday

  • February to March: Engagement Building Phase
  1. Using the content curated in the weeks prior, begin posting on a schedule - consistency is key. Optimize posts according to the platform being used. Social media accounts die without interaction. Posting 1-2 times a day on Facebook, 5 times a day on Twitter, 1-2 a day on Instagram, 10x a day on Pinterest are the general frequency in which businesses should post. 
  2. Work on getting response time to messages sent via social media down to within hours. It is currently 5 days, which is really unacceptable for a business of any kind....turn on the badges and utilize tools found in pages manager. Potential customers can see this response time and it can be a factor in doing business with you.

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