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How many tokens will be sold?

We are issuing TBD MTB18 tokens on the sixth of May. This corresponds roughly with the number of bottles of MTB18. Currently there are approximately TBD litres of wine in this tank. This would correspond to TBD 750ml bottles. We have chosen to issue a slightly smaller number of bottles to give us margen for breakages, litres lost during the bottling process and unlabeled “test” bottles that Mike and the team will inevitably drink at home on the vineyard. NO bottles of MTB 2018 will ever be sold in excess of TBD. 

25% of the tokens will be purchased during the ICO by the openvino team. This will insure that the many openvino team members and associates can hold some tokens. 

How can I buy MTB18 wine-backed cryptocurrency tokens?

There are several ways you can buy MTB18 tokens:

  1. Using Etherum tokens (ETH). 
  2. With Bitcoin. 
  3. Direct bank deposit. 
  4. VISA 
  5. Argentine Pesos (cash) using Rapipago / Pagofacil in Argentina. 


We are invoicing all MTB18 token purchases as the equivalent price of TBD Argentine Pesos for wine. 

For the vast majority of our token buyers during the ICO, we will adding 21% VAT on top of the token price, for a final total of TBD ARS. 

This includes all sales to non-Argentine token buyers. While it is true that purchasers outside of Argentina should be exempt of VAT, we have no immediate way to verify the procedence of these purchases. To avoid potential problems with the Argentine tax collector (AFIP), we have opted to charge everyone VAT, just in case. 

The only exceptions to this rule are Argentine wine resellers. Please contact if you are an ARGENTINE wine reseller interested in buying tokens during the ICO. 

Wine shipment costs:

The MTB18 wine bottles will be available for purchase on, only with the MTB18 tokens, on May 6, 2021. 

At the time of the wine purchase, we will calculate the cost of shipping of the bottles to the end destination.  However, at the end of the ICO, and throughout the ensuing years, we will publish estimated shipping costs for MTB18 token holder markets. 

Exchange sales and purchases

If you miss out on the ICO, and wish to purchase MTB18 winecoins, these will be made available on crypto exchanges, beginning in July, 2018. Conversely, if you purchased MTB18 tokens during the ICO, you will be able to sell them at any time, once the token registration on crypto exchanges has finalized. 

Of course, at any time you may trade/sell/gift any amount of your MTB18 tokens to other people. To send some of your tokens to another person, you need to do the following;

What is metamask, and why do I need it? 

Can I use a browser other than google chrome or firefox?

Why don’t you provide a token wallet for iPhone or Android?

Why is this so complicated?

Today, buying and trading cryptocurrencies is more complicated than it needs to be. Simply, this complexity is the result of “friction” between the new distributed economy and our legacy financial markets. As blockchain-based financial tools become more pervasive, our internet-of-value transactions will become more fluid and intuitive, natural even. 

In 1991, this is what some email correspondence looked like:

uucp example. 

Just remember, in 1995, the world-wide-web (HTTP) replaced a plethora of cludgy, text-based internet services like gopher, archie and usenet; tools all but forgotten today. So when you use the metmask plugin on your browser to buy MTB18 (ERC20) tokens, spending “gas” with ether to get the job done, don’t forget that you are a pioneer, ahead of the curve!

Why do I need ether to buy, sell, gift MTB18 tokens. 

What information does Costaflores require from me?

Here is the information we ask for during the purchase process, and the reason we ask for it. 

E-Mail address: (Optional)

We ask for your email address so that we can update you about our progress with Openvino, and keep you informed about new exchanges where you can trade your tokens. We will never reveal your email address to third-parties or use your email address for correspondence unrelated to Openvino. 

We NEVER ask for you to create a password with us, nor do we store any type of authentication credentials. We don’t receive or store any credit card information. 

Telephone number: 

If you are buying tokens in Argentina, we require your phone number for the sales invoice. Otherwise, providing this information is optional. 

Invoice address:

Metamask wallet id:

We need your wallet address so that we can send you the tokens?

When will I receive the tokens?

This really depends on the payment method you have chosen, but we expect that it may take us up to a week to process and invoice all of the ICO orders. 

Essentially, the reason it will take this long  is to insure that:

Credit Cards used for payment were not fraudulent or refused. 

Direct deposit transactions have completed. 

We have received valid billing information. 

This is the first ICO of it’s kind, so we want to make sure we get it right. Surely, we will streamline many of these tasks during future ICO’s, reducing complexity and delivery time. 

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