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We have 6 of our 7 videos online, and our animation, and they are beautiful!

EV Certificate

Our first EV certificate arrived, after validating Costaflores.

Presentations in Argentina

En el marco de la semana del Malbec que se celebra en toda Argentina del 16 al 22 de Marzo, Mike Barrow presentó el proyecto Openvino en tres locaciones.

17/4: Día Mundial del Malbec. La Malbequeria, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

18/4: Vinoteca Epicureos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Degustación privada para clientes y amigos de la vinoteca.

19/4: Vinoteca El Bodegon, Luján Buenos Aires, Argentina. Degustación privada para clientes y amigos de la vinoteca.

Filming OpenVino

Last Tuesday I arrived at Costaflores with the harvest in full swing so I unpacked the camera and started filming straight away. Immediately we started gathering great footage - the setting sun, lovely people and amazing location made it a pleasure to shoot. 

After a brief sunset time-lapse Mike and I headed over to the winery to see the days batch of grapes being delivered and sorted before being transferred to the tank. Another opportunity for some interesting footage that meant the first days filming was a success.

The following day I was up early shooting the sunrise and flying the drone to get some establishing shots of the vineyard. 

After filming the end of the harvest and enjoying a celebratory lunch we headed back to the winery to get some more shots of the process.

The next day we flew to Buenos Aires for the Bitcoin Day event - the organisers were very helpful and accommodating allowing us to get shots of Mike in action during the panel discussion.

On Friday we shot the master interview for the whole piece at the Falena bookshop - a lovely location for the interview and a few bonus pack shots of wine.

On Saturday we headed back to Mendoza and took a break from filming. On Sunday we picked up extra shots focussing on the technology use in the vineyard and a few additional drone shots. in the afternoon we headed up to Pampa de Leoncito in the high Andes to get some dramatic shots and time lapses of the wine in an incredible location.

There was a slight incident of pilot error which resulted in the death of the drone, fortunately it was insured and we had gathered all the aerial footage we required!

After a late finish we shot a number of quick pickups in the morning before heading to the airport and back to England via Buenos Aires. Currently we're editing the footage down to tell the OpenVino story in seven short films, covering everything from the 'Winecoins and the Blockchain' to 'Organic Production' and 'Why an Open Source Company' - watch this space! 

Bee Free

Today Martin Paulucci and I are removing the bees from the weather station enclosure, and encouraging them to find a more suitable home.

Sensor bugs.

We have a problem with the weather station cabinet.

We are so excited to announce that our ico landing has landed today!

MTB18 Tokens will go on sale on May 6th, 2018 at:

  • 08:00 Los Angeles (UTC-7)
  • 12:00 Mendoza (UTC-3)
  • 17:00 Barcelona (UTC+2)
  • 23:00 Hong Kong (UTC+8)

La Diplomatura en Comunicación Digital y Trasmedia es un espacio de estudio, investigación y análisis de las tendencias en el mundo digital y los nuevos canales de comunicación con los usuarios. En el cursado participan tanto estudiantes de comunicación, diseño y cine, por nombrar algunos, como profesionales de la radio, la televisión y medios gráficos y online. Uno de los objetivos es acercar a los estudiantes a los referentes en distintos temas y por eso aceptamos con mucho entusiasmo la invitación a contarles de qué se trata Open Vino y conversar sobre criptodivisas, IoT, el marketing y la filosofía Open Source detrás de MTB.

Durante casi 2 horas nos sumergimos en las ideas, conceptos y expectativas sobre este experimiento que estamos llevando adelante. Los estudiantes mostraron muchísimo interés, realizaron preguntas y se mostraron curiosos porconocer más sobre este proyecto (!y participar de la ICO próxima!). Queda abierta la posibilidad de encontrar más articulaciones con el ámbito académico en Mendoza y en todo el mundo, por el interés que despiertan las cryptomonedas y por la posibilidad de seguir sumando colaboradores en este experimento.


I met many great people today at the Lydia Capital LATAM Blockchain Summit, held at the Algodon Winery estate in San Rafael and presented Openvino to the group.

Nice meeting this morning in Valladolid, discussing Openvino and innovations in Castilla y León. Interested startups, come to Valladolid!

Great first day at EthCC! Many interesting people and conferences. 

I gave Vitalik Buterin one of our tokens.


We had a great lunch meeting today with CryptoFund and CryptoBroker friends Mathias Maurer and Simon Tobler. Both are wine and crypto experts, and we look forward to having them as project advisors. 

Yesterday Mike Barrow and Juan Carlos Gea met with Toni Cruz and Josep Maria Mainat from in Barcelona to discuss about Costaflores, OpenVino and The Luck Hunters. It was an amazing time sharing our project with this two creative entrepreneurs. Thanks, Toni Cruz and Josep Maria Mainat!

Wineissocial meeting

Today Mike Barrow and Xavi Molina, with our European importer Andes-Wine, met with Manel Sarasa from in Sant Cugat to discuss OpenVino and the innovative wineissocial B2C portal.

Now, we can test the crowdsale contract in real time with a friendly ux!

Some celebration's pictures (tongue)

Congratulations to the team for this fabulous effort!