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Yesterday evening we finished the final press, so we know the total amount of wine for the 2018 harvest. And therefore, we can calculate the number of available tokens.

Here is the breakdown:

The final tally is 12,570 litres of MTB 2018. We co-fermented the Malbec / Petit Verdot / Cabernet Sauvignon, so this is ALL the wine for the year.

12,570 bottles is the equivalent of 16,760 x  750ml bottles.

However, we expect to lose between 2-3% of this volume during bottling, and from breakages, etc.

So, we are going to issue 16348 tokens.

16348 is a nice number, because it is 2 to the 14th power. in: 1024 * 16

a very computable number, and easy to remember.

We will keep approximately 11,000 litres in one stainless steel tanks, with the remaining amount stored in oak barrels.

All the wine will be blended back together before bottling next year.

We are still working on the pricing breakdown, but this will be online at the time of the launch on Sunday.


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