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"As advances in technology rapidly transform our world, the wine business, often perceived as an arcane mix of immutable tradition and arbitrary complexity, will not be exempt. The OpenVino Project seeks to revolutionize the way wine is thought about, sold, and consumed. We are actively seeking participants from the technology and wine worlds and the press to explore new ways to talk about organic viticulture, transparency and ethical business practices, blockchain trading technologies and new models of ownership and value assessment. Whether your interests lie in wine, technology or business; organic viticulture, cryptocurrencies or product distribution, we invite you to explore The OpenVino Project."

What is the Openvino project?

OpenVino is an experimental collection of open-source software packages, business processes and designs, currently under construction by a global team of idealists. Openvino is not a company, and we are not developing products to be commercialized in the future. While the first implementation of Openvino is being built for the Costaflores boutique winery in Mendoza, Argentina, we hope our experiments will be freely adopted and modified by other wineries and businesses. Here is an in-depth project overview.

Who are the people behind OpenVino

Mike Barrow
Team Lead

Juan Carlos Gea
Design Lead

Antonio González
Technical Lead

Emiliano Velazquez
Cryptocurrency Chef

Federico Elgarte
A Smarter Contract

Salvador Zapata

OpenBravo Guru

Jacqueline Smith


Mica Vera

Community Manager

Jason Hall


Manuel Ponce

Blockchain Legal

Virgnia Buenanueva

Crypto Accountant

Pablo Ballarín

Cybersecurity Sentinel

Dr. Carla Bonina

Entrepreneurship Investigator

Jordi Estapé Canal

Sidechain Expansionist

Lucas Planelles Coronas

Genetics Advisory

Toni Gutiérrez

Vinophonics Engineer

Joaquin Jiménez

Blockchain Student

Ivan Morte i Tamayo

RealVino VR-360

Gianluca Ferremi

AR/VR Advisory

Cristian Rivera


What are the objectives and requirements?

Here we have laid out our project objectives and requirements in 6 information silos

1) Growing the Grapes – all things about organic viticulture

2) Making and Delivery the Wine – from the crush and bottling, to storing, shipping and exporting.

3) Managing the Business – general accounting, inventory, financial, personnel, taxes

4) Selling Wine-backed Cryptocurrency – using the blockchain to build customer-defined pricing

5) You Drink It, You Own it – how customers respond to their drinking experience

6) Telling our Story – Getting the word out

What is our technical architecture?

Here are the pieces we are putting together, and here is the cookbook we are writing as we go forward.

How is the OpenVino project managed?

Loosely, but here is concise project methodology.

How can I get involved? 

After you have read our documentation, let us know where and how you would like to collaborate. Send a message to


  • Organic World Congress, New Delhi, 10 November 2017
  • Ethereum Conference, Paris, 8-10, March 2018
  • 2° Congreso Internacional del Rosado, Peñafiel, Spain, 13 March, 2018
  • Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, 23 March, 2018
  • Bitcoin Talk, Campus Olegario, Mendoza 27 March, 2018
  • Bitcoin Day - Buenos Aires, 5 April, 2018
  • Press Presentation Openvino -  Falena, Buenos Aires, 6 April, 2018
  • Presentation Openvino and wine tasting - La Malbequería, Buenos Aires, 17 April, 2018
  • Presentation Openvino and wine tasting - Vinoteca Epicureos, Buenos Aires, 18 April, 2018
  • Presentation Openvino and wine tasting - Vinoteca La Bodega Luján, Buenos Aires, 19 Abril, 2018
  • Presentation Openvino - Sun Party, Madrid, Spain, 16 May, 2018
  • Go Madrid CataPop Blockchain - Madrid,  Spain, 17 May, 2018
  • ISACA webcast, 7 June, 2018
  • Forum - Berlin, 21 June, 2018
  • Cata de Ideas - Zaragoza, 19 July, 2018
  • Conector / Slash Mobility - Barcelona, 19 July, 2018
  • Wine Tour Urbano, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3 August, 2018
  • Naturebas, Sao Paulo, 4 August, 2018
  • Bitcoin Day - Monterrey, Mexico, 16 August, 2018
  • Mesa Redonda, Bloomium, DayOne La Caixa, 18 September
  • MTB tasting and Openvino presentation, TBD, Buenos Aires, 18 September
  • Openvino seminar at Cuatrecasas, Barcelona, 21 September
  • ROMI-Project workshop, Barcelona, 21 September
  • GrausTIC - DiadaTIC, Barcelona, 27 September 
  • Mesa redonda, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, Logroño, Spain, 1 October
  • C20 Conferencia Bitcoin + Blockchain, Buenos Aires, 16/17 November
  • Openvino Cata - Cave Suiça, Sao Paulo, 20 November
  • Cuatrecasas, Junta de Socios, Madrid, 23 November
  • Openvino: Presentant el primer criptoasset del món rescolzat en vi, Ajuntament de Terrassa, 26 November
  • FCB, Barcelona, 27 November
  • Bitcoinday Lima, 29 November
  • MTB Tasting and Openvino presentation, Coronel Suarez, 30 November
  • LaBitconf, Santiago, Chile, 6 December
  • OPENTALKS, RedHat, Barcelona, 6 February, 2019
  • BlockchainTalks, Amsterdam 14, February
  • Openvino meetings, London 15-20, February
  • Ferrovial Openvino presentation, Madrid, 21, February
  • AI meetings, Bangalore, 23-24, February
  • Reliance Openvino presentation, Mumbai, 25, February
  • Meetup with Chef Nishant Choubey, New Delhi, 27, February
  • Blockchain Summit Hong Kong, 28, February
  • Manila Openvino Meetup, 1 March
  • Seoul Openvino Meetup, 2 March
  • Dallas Openvino legal team meeting, 4 March
  • Ethereum Community Conference, 5-7 March
  • Blockchain Jornada, CIAC, Barcelona 7 March
  • Openvino / Vinophonics / Ripio, Campus Olegario, Mendoza, March
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