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THE DAILY LOG is based on a spiraling calendar of seasonal and annual tasks, allowing anyone to look up what jobs are performed on certain days of the year. These tasks might have icons associated, and color codes, according to seasonal or regular tasks. Specific information, such as the number of hours worked by certain employees, and the amount of products used in the vineyard would be documented here. Logged items should correspond with specific vineyard coordinates: row, claro, plant, and allow for documenting specific incidences: planting mugrones, diseases, etc.

  1. The daily log should have three views available for visitors: daily, monthly, and yearly. Ideally, this could be circular or spiraling.
  2. From the log, the user should be able to visualize the tasks that were executed on each day, and open the Runbook entry for each by selecting the task.
  3. The yearly view of the log should present tasks as relevant to the different stages of the grape growing season.
  4. The daily log should present data in the three views (daily, monthly, and yearly) for:

    Temperature (max and min) – daily only.?Subsoil humidity (.5m, 1m, and 2m) – daily only

    Solar irradiance totals (daily, weekly, monthly totals)

  5.  Users should be able to visualize differences from one year to the next, of multiple years.
  6. The log should have a field indicating the last time the daily log was updated.

Mobile version

Tablet version

Vineyard Data Collection

Data is collected in the vineyard from two types of sensor collection points:

All data is forwarded to a data collection server before it us uploaded to the openvino server.

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